Hair Straightener is a leading hair beauty salon in the United Kingdom

Beauty with a difference; perfection per excellence. Turning the heads of your guests while walking down the aisle; standing out of the crowd. If this looks like what you want, then welcome, because you are at the right place. Our hair beauty salon is the place to take your beauty to a level never to be surpassed before. We do not just make beautiful hair, we make Wonder Woman Hair.

Signing up with our beauty and hairstyling center puts you ahead of your peers because you just became beautiful without us touching your hair. At least not yet!

We give women the extra "oomph" required to feel sexy and confident in their everyday lives. We are not hairdressers, we are hair therapists because by the time we are done with your hair, it is going to make you look so confident and more beautiful, you will be getting compliments as you step right past the door!

There are very few hair salons that understand beauty like we do. Beauty is the sole aim of every woman. We know the trials and tribulations our women go through to look, and stay beautiful. That is why we offer a broad range of services to ensure no matter what type of woman you are, we have the required tools, treatment, and resources to make you look like a million bucks every day. We turn the frown on your hair upside down making it look radiant and luxuriant after spending just one session with us.

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Any woman who has not tried our salon is yet to experience the Nirvana of beauty

  • which frankly, is a shame because we offer affordable services that are flexible enough to accommodate the Queen of England while also taking adequate care of the fishmonger's wife. Wedding days are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you can count on us to come through for you on your day of nuptial bliss. When you use our services on your special day, we can guarantee you to be the cynosure of all eyes as you make your entry into your most special event.

For women with naturally poor hair, do not worry. We are your superhero waiting to save the damsel in distress. We have an extensive collection of hair treatments that is sure to give you improvements in as little as 24 hours after use. You can count on us every time to make your hair look beautiful because we do not just talk the talk, we also walk it. To find out how much we charge for our services please click here.


The following are our pricing to ensure your hair is fabulous while ensuring you remain glamorous:

  • Standard Hairdressing Treatment: £120

  • Custom Hairdressing Treatment : £200

  • Home Service Treatment: £400

  • Total Beauty Package: £1000