Common Hair Problems & How to Fix Them

There are many hair problems which prevent you from looking beautiful. If not treated on time, they could deteriorate to more complicated issues. Follow these guidelines to get the best treatment for your hair.


This is one of the most common hair problems in the world. Dandruff refers to any condition which makes the scalp scaly and flaky. It has often been thought that dry scalp was a contributing factor to dandruff but research has shown that dandruff occurs more often with oily hair because the secretions from the sebaceous glands get the follicles blocked.

One major cause of this is lack of air ventilation especially where the hair is covered with hats and wigs or scarves. Other causes include a change in diet or climate. To solve your dandruff problems, keep the scalp spotlessly clean by washing regularly. Choose a mild shampoo that is suitable for your hair because many shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can harm the hair.

Hair Breakage

This is a common affliction that plagues most women. It is caused by excessive use of harsh chemicals such as bleaching the hair or the application of processed hair products. Other reasons include overexposure to harsh weather conditions. Hair breakage is a sign of fragile hair and this just means the hair needs to be restored to its former luxuriant self.

The most effective method is to infuse the hair with richness using gentle hair products such as a mild shampoo or more natural herbal hair treatment. It is important not to expose the hair to harsh processes or the application of heat using a blow dryer or curly rollers until it is returned to its former strength. And when it does, it is advisable to continue treating the hair with utmost care and caution.


This is another common condition that affects the hair. Lice affect every type of person including children. Symptoms of Lice include itching and excessive scratching of the head. The first thing to do is to thoroughly examine the head under clear light with close attention paid to the hairline. If you can see the eggs or lice, then you should seek medical attention from a doctor who will prescribe the right anti-louse treatment to be used correctly.


This is an infection which affects the scalp. Ringworm can spread quickly if not immediately treated and can leave bald circles on your head. The best method to deal with Ringworm is with an anti-fungal ointment and antibiotics supplement.

Hair Fall

You can tell hair fall from other hair loss because there will be a white bulbous pulp at the end of the hair follicle. This means the hair completely got uprooted form the scalp and was not cut. Hair fall is normal. But loss of hair on the scale of 50 to 100 per day is a cause for concern and will need treatment. There are many reasons for having hair fall which can range from the type of contraception that a woman uses, to treatment from chemotherapy. Anything that disrupts the hormones can cause hair fall and emotional disorders can also be a culprit. Finding the root cause of your hair fall is the first step to getting treatment.


This is a prevalent condition that affects the skin which also includes your scalp. Symptoms include a reddish colouration of the affected area which may be oozing or scaly. The most effective step is to see a dermatologist for treatment.


These are some of the common and known ailments affecting the hair. Make sure to follow the treatment mentioned to get improved results. If you do not notice any improvement to your hair, or the condition still remains, or gets worse, then you should consult your doctor immediately.