Pedicure & Manicure

A beauty and hairstyling business without pedicure and manicure is not worth its name in salt. To complete the beauty ensemble, you must have beautiful hands and feet.

We offer our customers a stunning collection of nail treatments for their hands and feet, making sure the nails are not only beautiful, but healthy. A nail that is uncared for can lead to fungal growth and cause you to have ailments. We treat your nails with special medicinal recipes which keeps your nails healthy for long periods of time. We also offer exfoliating treatment to ensure your feet stays fresh and smooth by removing the dead skin cells using safe techniques that do not hurt or damage the skin. Some of our nail treatments include:

Standard Treatment

The usual nail treatment which can be booked with your hair appointment.

Price: £100

  • The Salon Connoisseur Treatment

This is a custom nail treatment for clients who know what it means to have beautiful nails. This is a stand-alone service and does not come with a hair appointment. With this treatment package, all attention and treatment will be focused on the nails. The nails will be finely shaped, cuticles reduced, the hands and feet massaged and oiled, while the nails will be burnished or polished with a custom colour of your choosing.

Price: £200

Green Lantern Nail Treatment

This is a custom pedicure and manicure treatment that utilizes the power of herbal medicine to ensure your nails are protected from environmental hazards. We make use of a special recipe that is specially formulated by our experts. When we use this recipe on your nails, you are guaranteed to use it every time. Herbal treatment for your nails keeps them healthy and safe from harsh chemicals.

Price: £200